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Eyes color: Black
Hair color: Not available
Breast size: 2
Height: 169cm
Weight: 72kg

Talk to me about Lapband! m4w Hey whats up, I figured if you opened this then you know what I'am talking about an your not going to email me with some weird question's, I'am really the one looking to ask the questions, lol, dont rain on my parade please (sarcasim)! So I'am looking for some one that has had the lapband done, looking for a good doc to, I'am not at all interested in getting it done here in P-town, sooooooooooo if yea wanna chat about please hit me up. Orrr if you wanna chat about what ever then still send me some mail, I am single, 33, live in Pueblo, I'am not looking for a gf, if your single or married I will still chat with you, my boy(s) take up alot of my time right now so if your in the same boat hit me up, maybe you can tell me how to manage my schedule better, lmao! :)

Eyes color: Green
Hair color: Red
Breast size: 3.5
Height: 169cm
Weight: 70kg

Does this smell like chocolate? I asked you to smell something(smelled like chocolate), you asked me if i was a cook, you got otter-pops. we had a short conversation in line. I noticed you had no ring on your finger... didnt want to be that guy asking you out for drinks while you were shopping... your beauty was only surpassed by your personality. If interested, reply with the store and what smelled like chocolate. hope to hear from you!! the man with the beard

Eyes color: Hazel
Hair color: Brunette
Breast size: 1
Height: 172cm
Weight: 73kg

local horney searching date hookup, la personals sex Goddess in the "ladies needs" isle m4w Last week as I diligently scowered the hair care section of Ralphs for the perfect comb to both style my want-to-be greaser hair cut and untangle my foot hair, I glanced over and saw you. You were wearing tight white pants and a button-up shit that almost effectively concealed the reason you were in a rush to get "feminine hygienic supplies". Never the less, your orra of confidence and creativity caugh my eye and led your beauty and awkward clumsiness; the later soon to reveal itself, to win my heart. I've replayed the moment that you slipped on that puddle of spilt hair gel countless times and only wish I had rushed to help you up and maybe even and maybe strike a charming conversation in order to help you play the whole situation down; especially since I knew you were well aware of the tell tale "drops" you were obivously unprepaired for preventing, instead of yelling " oh! Bitch down!" and high fiving the the stocking boy who had just walked down the isle. I have never been so taken by another human being, nor impressed by any other event in my life. I always though love at first sight was purely a way to justify falling in love with someone you originally just wanted to bone and do really really really nasty things to, but now, clearly ( though you are increasible beautiful) I was wrong. I'd live to take you to coffee sometime and see how things go. Tell me what brand of lucky cotton torpedoes you took home and the color of my jeans that were well fitting, but long enough to be rolled in a thick, neat 2 inch roll that says I'm stylish and hard core. I m an art colletor and run a very successful and lucrative internet business. Ya, I do hit the gym, alot.

Eyes color: Black
Hair color: Brown-haired
Breast size: 3.5
Height: 182cm
Weight: 86kg

Pulaski bus northside m4w Hi, you was at Pulaski bus heading northside today around 1:45 pm. You were the lady who didn't hear the boy who ask for permission to get off the bus. I am the guy with a back pack who was sit at the front first, and then moved to got off to the back door. Tell at what station I got off. You wore a flower dress. You are so beatiful, 5'3", hispanic.

Eyes color: Green
Hair color: Brown-haired
Breast size: 3
Height: 184cm
Weight: 90kg

You were at the Golden store this evening, perfect smile, black leggings, cute skirt, looking like you just shook dreams from your hair...amazingly adorable, absolutely breath taking (even if you did have more than 15 items)! You have a glow. Crazy I know, but you do. I couldn't possibly be the only person to notice this. I probably wasn't even the only one to take notice during your short shopping excursion this evening. Impossible to miss. I sincerely hope we cross paths again..

Eyes color: Brown
Hair color: Highlights
Breast size: 4
Height: 170cm
Weight: 79kg

horny housewife search sex dating site women looking for sex Scottsdale Desire a bull personally .You need to be freshly showered, shaved - like me - with a splash of aftershave and a pocket full of . A bunch of flowers is not expected but perhaps a bottle of wine would be nice. Shall we start with a drink or two, get to know each other a little, then get down to some lovin... Just thinking about it is getting me turned on!


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