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Eyes color: Blue
Hair color: Bald
Breast size: 5
Height: 169cm
Weight: 77kg

Re: Re: Re: Guys with Punctuation, Spelling, and Grammar Skills m4w I think Troll's got a point, here. The answer probably is that you can't actually communicate effectively with most people. Everything is becoming so automated and convenient that it's almost a burden to actually think nowadays. Can you blame them? Our society practiy demands this of us. I see the development of collective consciousness as a continuum, with poorly educated, barely functional youth on one side, and self-imposed pseudo-nihilist troll clowns who just say "frack it" and try to grab a few lulz because they're clever and strong enough to criticize, and even laugh, but too weak to do anything else, on the other.

Eyes color: Green
Hair color: Highlights
Breast size: 1.5
Height: 182cm
Weight: 93kg

Let's try it the other way around.? Sex first, more if we click. This is a re-post. Not too proud of this posting, but here it goes. I'm looking for the right woman, but before that happens I have needs. Hope no need to go into details now. No need to bs around. I have been dating (tried) last few months and I was the good guy. I hate dating and even though I'd like to be in real relationship, I miss all those perks. If you feel the same way, than we should meet. As the title says: sex and fun first... if more develop. It would be great to be in real relationship, but before that happens, men have needs. (lol) Some of us (like me) more than others. Please be single, affectionate, very sexual woman available to get together at least once a week - preferably more, adventurous, slightly naughty in bed, and fun. Bonus point is you can host! I don't mind if you are casually dating, (just let me know that I won't get attach to you), I am not, but understand that you want to find the right guy. (I'd love to find the right woman as well ...) If this sounds interesting so far and you'd like to know more, please respond with the name of your favorite movie in the subject line, tell me a little about yourself, and send a picture if you feel comfortable enough to do so - nothing X rated necessary!! I'm good looking mid 30 ties white guy. P.S.: I'm looking for one woman, one real woman to meet! D&D free is a must. As long as this post is on, I'm looking for you.( It would be great if we'd hit it off and could hang out as well. Beach trips, spend time outdoors, etc..)

Eyes color: Hazel
Hair color: Brunette
Breast size: 4
Height: 173cm
Weight: 77kg

Wish I had your number w4m You are fifty recently bought A home in newport former millitary man. I cannot get you out of my mind. . We talked tuesday nite . I know this is A lomgshot But I am keeping my fingers crossed . If you read this tell me ur name and A brief physcial description so I know it is you. I am the redhead with green eyes . I hope I find you!!!!

Eyes color: Black
Hair color: Bald
Breast size: 4.5
Height: 165cm
Weight: 66kg

Nursing School m4w We talked yesterday evening as I was helping you with something. I found you to be very beautiful and delightful to talk with. You told me that you're in nursing school and I let you know that I'm in a similar profession. I would love to take you out sometime and get to know you. If you're reading this, let me know what color uniform I was wearing and what I was helping you with. I really hope to talk with you ;))

Eyes color: Black
Hair color: Brown-haired
Breast size: 5
Height: 162cm
Weight: 67kg

Looking For The Perfect Woman . I lie to all of my friends, I'm completely unreliable. I have a shitty job that I constantly bitch about but am too weak to do anything about it. The last several girlfriends got the same you'll get: very little affection unless I wanted some lovin or a meal made for me; no love notes or sweet comments; totally selfish in bed with no regard to her needs; borrowed money on a regular basis that I never paid back; sat around playing video while smoking weed; totally addicted to internet porn; never said one nice thing to her - no 'you look nice' comments or 'thank you' or anything, nothing; Oh, and the gambling was a problem too. I'm 46 but still live at home in my mama's house. I'm also 45 lbs overweight, balding, bad hygiene, breath because of my bad , very small wiener that I don't know how to use anyway. forgot, my feet smell too because of the fungus . What, that's not attractive to you ? You don't want to be treated poorly by some ungrateful idiot who doesn't know how good he's got it ? Then send me a , let's talk.

Eyes color: Black
Hair color: Red
Breast size: 1
Height: 163cm
Weight: 68kg

Jewish Man Looking for ltr If you're looking for a carbon copy of Brad Pitt, I'm not your guy. If you are looking for a Tom Brady...well, that's not me either. But if you pined for Marty McFly after watching any Back to the Future movie, then I'm your man.


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