Adult Escorts in Lebanon

Eyes color: Blue
Hair color: Bald
Breast size: 4.5
Height: 166cm
Weight: 77kg

decent but looking for sum wild fun m4w hey there, im not a wierdo or a creeper, like i said im just looking for a real hot night. i can host at my apartment so if you like what your reading and are interested then please hit me up, i threw in my number in here so i hope to hear from you, i am hosting for tonight and tomorrow.

Eyes color: Black
Hair color: Brunette
Breast size: 3
Height: 168cm
Weight: 71kg

I would love to glide my hands up and along your inner thighs and use my thumbs to gently open you to me ,then I will slowly bring you and tease you to a wonderful breathless finish. I have great patience and will work as long as it takes to make your legs shake and your eyelids flutter and when you thrust your hips to my waiting mouth I will know you have ended your journey.I do not care if you are married he will never know ,this will be your secret to enjoy. PLACE THE WORD"HAPPY"

Eyes color: Black
Hair color: Bald
Breast size: 4
Height: 180cm
Weight: 81kg

Alternatively, you could be completely non-religious but still have that "spiritual thirst" that you have been wondering how to address since for whatever reason you don't and will not believe in a dogma created and enforced by a group of short sighted, narrow minded old men far removed from reality. You like the idea of expressing your spirituality, you have just been lacking in an outlet for it... and maybe having your partner serve as that outlet appeals to you. Or maybe you just have a dark sense of humor and find the idea of worshipping your lover instead of a god amusing and enticing. Maybe you are a woman who as suffered through many painful relationships and is simply looking for your partner to be dedicated to on this sort of level... or maybe you like the idea of serving and dedicating yourself to your partner. The possible reasons are endless, but the action is the same: You want to be worshipped by me, and you want to worship me in return.

Eyes color: Hazel
Hair color: Bald
Breast size: 2
Height: 156cm
Weight: 60kg

Norman, you old poop Norman, I didn't know you blocked my number, which is too bad because I have been sending you some nice things and trying to make you understand that you are important to me. We had an misunderstanding. The way I see it, as I have said all along, I love you, I miss you, and I want to be your FRIEND and I want you in my life. I do care about you. But you try to muscle me into things because you don't know how to deal with your feelings and past hurts. It takes a long time for wounds like yours (and mine) to , and I have found you aren't capable of truly loving someone else until those wounds scab over. I am not her. I am NOT a liar and not a cheater and being accusatory does not make me love you more. It scares me (literally) and pushes me away emotionally from you. It's like I'm living with my ex-husband again. He's my EX for that very reason. We cannot be anything more than friends.. I think we both know that. Even though it is tempting to take it up a notch because of the level of comfort we have when we are together, and the attraction that exists, we BOTH know: I am the fire and you are the gasoline. And this is not for either of us. Maybe we can talk on Saturday at the pond. I will be there around 12:00. Or not. Up to you. But I truly am looking forward to seeing you, and ALL OUR FRIENDS. WHO LOVE US.

Eyes color: Green
Hair color: Brunette
Breast size: 3
Height: 159cm
Weight: 66kg

Fit Freaky Girlfriend Sought By Tall Dark & Handsome------ m4w Goodlooking 6ft 200 lbs workout at ballys. Nice hair & teeth. Clean & ddfree. Looking 4 fit girlfriend. Pot smoker. Tats. Good dresser.

Eyes color: Green
Hair color: Red
Breast size: 5
Height: 184cm
Weight: 86kg

Whole Foods Sparks? Super nice checker at Kailua Whole Foods yesterday evening...Are you always so friendly? You seemed to be so excited when I asked about your Christmas...Great smile, eyes and looks like curves...was there more sparks there or just had sand in my brain from the beach? If you wanna chat more that be fun....let me know what my what color shirt and board shorts wearing Happy New Year


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